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The Rise of the Unseelie

Since the Unseelie migrated to this earth realm and link ourselves to it, there have been a few changes. One of the most interesting has been the 'baby boom'. Fey generally breed slowly. Living thousands of years and yet only having a few offspring in all that time. The Unseelie Sidhe of Earth have experienced a sudden burst in population, breeding as quickly as humans. This has more than quadrupled the Unseelie population on Earth in just a few decades. The first of the new generation of Unseelie are coming of age. Born and raised on Earth, comfortable with human culture so we can use all the advantages of technology, and having been raised without the dictatorship of the Seelie to restrain our nature. We are the future of the Unseelie manifesting. We are young. We are wild. We are free. We will not surrender.

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