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What is The Sidhe?

“The Sidhe” is more than a linear series of stories. The world of the Sidhe is the sandbox where dozens of unique and powerful characters battle for the survival of their people, their magic and their very lives. The world is massive in scope. Much more vast and intense than can be realized through the telling of one person’s tale. The only way to immerse yourself into the world and truly experience the adventure is through multiple, interweaving storylines. 

So who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

There are no good guys or bad guys. Each person has their own agenda and justifications for everything they do. They have goals they are willing to fight for. Ideals they are willing to die for. You can choose for yourself which characters you want to cheer for. Perhaps the civilized and noble Seelie will excite your heroic nature. Or perhaps the unapologetically wild and freedom-loving Unseelie makes your soul dance with abandon. And then there are the true outsiders to the world of the fey, like humans and vampires, some of whom see themselves as victims of the Sidhe and others who see the Sidhe as prey to satisfy their darkest addictions. Best case scenario: You’ll love them all and can’t wait to join in the fun and excitement as the interlaced stories unfold.

What are the interlaced storylines?

The Sidhe begins with three interlacing storylines. Each thread can  be read alone, but if you read them together in the suggested order, you will get the full experience. 

Champion of the Sidhe is the Seelie storyline and tracks the adventures of Lugh in the wake of the Collapse. Suffering from the effects of the Fade, as are all the other fey who were bound to the Mounds, he’s in a race against time to restore the source of magic. Only, predators are quick to pounce on wounded prey and his fey grace and magic is waning, making escape, much less success, ever more challenging.

Rise of the Unseelie explodes into action with Donovan fighting to snatch a rag tag bunch of untrained, earthborn Sidhe, out of the jaws of the predators who are out to consume them. 

Touched is the first of the outsider threads. London Eyer, a private investigator specializing in parahuman cases, gets herself tangled in the world of the Sidhe. Her best friend is a vampire. Her clients are wizards. And now she’s cursed right into the heart of the Sidhe conflict… with all sides trying to kill each other and her smack dab in the middle of it.

Why serialize the stories?

Novels are like movies. They are longer, but they are usually released a year or more apart. It’s easy to lose the excitement for a story and the passion for a character over the course of a year. 

Think of serial fiction like a TV series. You get more insight into the characters and into the story with each episode as the adventure unfolds. Science fiction and fantasy series especially are good at raising the stakes each week. Sometimes the heroes win and sometimes they lose, but the excitement is constantly rising.

And people will die. There is no guarantee in the world of the Sidhe, just as there is no guarantee in life. No promise of success or even escape. When you pick up each section, you don’t know if a particular mission will succeed or fail. If you read all the storylines you will see how success for one group results in a major blow for another and this heightens the suspense! 

Where do I start?

Right here. Right now. Sign up for the newsletter and get the prequel episode to the Rise of the Unseelie for free. 

You can read the Sidhe Touch blog as we present The Sidhe in a bite-sized sections for you to enjoy, starting with End of the World and bringing you the entire story in order and for free.

Can’t wait to see what happens next? Immerse yourself with the first part of the three storylines with End of the World, Aftershock, and Cursed. Available on Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo and many other ebook formats.


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