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The Shining Court

(A passage from the Chronicles of Lugh)  

Although all Sidhe possess beauty, grace, magic and power. The marked differences between the Seelie and Unseelie is in our self expression. The Sidhe of the Shining Court are civilized, polite, and gracious in all endeavors. We appreciate the poetry of life and express ourselves with a beautiful language. Though naturally beautiful, the Seelie love flourishes and flairs that highlight our perfection. The Seelie may seem egotistical, even for the bold race of the Sidhe, but it is not simply ego for ego's sake. We simply are the pinnacle of light magic and as such have an example to set for all other fey who align themselves with the forces of light. Noble and honorable, the Seelie Court reaches out with compassion and to all our fey brethren. 

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