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In the wake of the Collapse that killed most of the Sidhe, only Donovan - former assassin for the Unseelie Court - stands between the abandoned ‘earthborn’ Sidhe and the predators after their blood, bodies, and magic. Fighting vampires, Changelings, and wizards in modern day Ireland, Donovan must train the teen-aged earthborns into an Elite fighting force before the last of the fey are destroyed.

Outside threats pale to the dangers within, as one of the earthborns becomes a deadly wild card in their midst.


Note: The Rise of the Unseelie is one of three companion series that comprises Season One of The Sidhe. These three storylines take place concurrently, and have cross-overs and interweaving storyline threads that closely bind the three mini-series. The Champion of the Sidhe mini-series follows Lugh’s story. The Touched mini-series takes place from London’s point of view. All three series are also presented together in the Season One collections.

The Rise of the Unseelie mini-series collection, containing all five episodes, 

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Rise of the Unseelie - Collection (Rise of the Unseelie, #0)


The episodes in the Rise of the Unseelie series:

Foreshadow - The prequel to the Rise of the Unseelie series is a free gift to mailing list subscribers.

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