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(The letter left on Malcolm's pillow the night he ran away from home.)

Ma and Da,

I can't believe you blinking lied to me all this time! I'm not even human? What's that about? I'm supposed to have magic and cool powers? When were you even going to tell me this? Why did you have me rounding sheep in the boonies instead of teaching me this stuff? Thanks a whole flipping bunch! And what's up with this whole "we were gonna tell you when you were old enough" bollacks? And I'm not 'old enough' until I am 200? Are you flipping out of your nut? I'm not waiting any 200 years to get out of here. I'm not waiting until I'm 18 either! You can forget it!

So don't try and stop me. I'm grown enough to go out on my own and I am going to do it. I'm going to find out all the stuff you wouldn't tell me. Who I really am. What it means to be a Sidhe. All of it. And without any of your help.

Good bye!