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The world is a complicated place. Complicated as in way more bizarre than the average human even realizes. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is how much of it people just ignore, you know? Was that a man that just appeared out of nowhere? Nah, must have been the trick of the light. That guy on the motorcycle that flashed his fangs, he’s not a vampire, just one of those wanna-be crazies. More than just writing off that kind of stuff though, most people just don’t look past what is right in their faces. Most people just pay attention to their own internal monologue, their personal dramas, and their own daydreams and don't really SEE the world around them.

I see the world around me. I see those little cues in your body language that give you away. I know what you are thinking when your gaze flicked away for that brief second. I see that man with the fangs and I know they are real. I see when a fey teleports away, vanishing before my eyes. I’m not like most people. I don’t fool myself when it comes to the truth of this world.

I’m not afraid of it either. I’ve got my gun and that’s deterrent enough for most of the more unruly creatures roaming the shadows, but that is not what protects me most. Knowing what you are thinking, because to me it is written on your face, gives me an edge. I know when to back off. I know when to stand my ground. And I know everyone wants something, and if I know how to get it then that makes me too valuable an asset to eat.

I'm a private investigator. I get a lot of my clients through Selena, when ever she'd come across a unique individual who needed an investigator that could move in the human world and yet didn’t freak out when the problem turned out to be paranormal in nature.

These non-humans might seem weird to humans, but they are all people, if you get my meaning. They all have problems and need someone who can understand. Most of my clients have been vampires and weres. Basically former humans with special needs. The fey are something new to me. Not quite as easy to read and predict. I’ve heard about them, but not everything has been accurate. Normally they keep to themselves, but something’s getting them stirred up lately. I’m not the only one that has been noticing either. And getting noticed by the wrong people can be deadly.