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(Kieran... In his own words....)

I grew up in a tiny coastal town in Ireland. Before the wizards came I knew only that my parents were kinda strange. They kept odd friends and stayed away from the 'normal' people. They would shun the banker and the lawyer and the doctor, but befriend the odd little man who lived in the hills and the witchy woman who ran the tea shop and the fellow who could always be found under the bridge fishing with a cane pole with no hook. What could I say? I just figured every kid thought their folks were weird for one reason or other. Never occurred to me then that any of them were anything other than human.

I was fourteen when the raid descended upon the community. I found out later that the raiders were wizards. My family was taken, but I escaped. I found my way to Dublin and some other street kids took me into their family and showed me the ropes. Not long afterward Donovan found me.

I really took to my magic once it was revealed to me. Sound is my thing, and if you don't think that can be deadly, think again. Imagine a sonic boom going off inside your skull. Pretty intense, I promise you. Liquifies the brain.

I'm one of Donovan's Unseelie now. Now that the Seelie have gone and nuked the Mounds this is the last stand for the fey, and I'm standing with Donovan against all the enemies of the Unseelie.