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Concerning Dragons

(Written by Jonathan Wyndracer, Champion of the Dragons)


According to Dragon Lore, they are great, wise beasts that can live for thousands of years. They hoard treasures deep in the caves that they dwell in for most of their lives. Only coming out to hunt or find a mate. Then returning to their solitary lives.

Part of that is true. Part of that is not.

Dragons are great, wise beasts that can live for many many years. Exactly how long, only the dragons know. It is obvious that they do live a great deal longer than most other races, as they gather so much wisdom as to baffle even the greatest of the mortal scholars.

The hoarding of treasure is also true. At least somewhat. Among many Dragons, the word 'treasure' is much of a debate point. Many think treasure is silver, gold, precious jewels. Others believe that knowledge is the true treasure. 

Most Dragons, at least in the human realm, do appear to live in caves as their lairs. This is not because caves are more suitable for living in. Rather caves are places that frighten all but the bravest, or most foolhardy, away. Those who are not invited will only see a dark, dank cave should they venture inside. Welcomed guests will see a much different dwelling place. Dragons do not live in such basic conditions. They live in comfort, and often times, splendor. Many of them have what mortals would consider mansions, palaces even.

The part about Dragons being solitary creatures, is absolutely and utterly false. Dragons are very social, able to have grand cities, especially within the Dragon Realm. Upon the human realm the seek out smaller numbers, simply to keep from bringing attention to themselves, though it is quite common for at least two Dragons to be dwelling together. When two Dragons mate, they mate for life. When they produce hatchlings it is both parents responsibility to see to the safety of the hatchlings, as well as seeing to their feeding, at least in Dragonling form.

This brings up another major point. Dragons DO have a human-like form, though they usually retain their wings and tail, which are proportional to the size of the human form they take. Many Dragons walk among the humans, and are never spotted, because they use Dragon magic to disguise their features; their wings wrapped around them and appearing as a cloak, or long coat. The tail is usually wrapped around the waist and hidden beneath the wings, at least while walking amongst the mortals.

The last bit of information that mortals have, is also partially true. When mortals think of Dragons they think of the great winged beasts that breathe fire. This is partly true. Some Dragons do breathe fire. But not all Dragons do. Just as there are many elements that make up the world, there are many Dragons that get their powers from those same elements. Some Dragons use fire, not just breathing it, but their Dragon magic manipulates fire. Some manipulate, and breathe, ice, or water. Some manipulate earth. Others manipulate air, or sound waves. Each elemental power has its own unique properties and places where it is useful.

All in all the mortal races have just enough information about the Dragons, truth and misinformation alike, to know that they are not to be trifled with.



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