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Excerpt from an interview with Donovan

I was not born as Donovan. This is only a name I use to walk amongst the humans. Do not ask for my birth name, all who called me that are gone. If you must call me something other than Donovan, then call me Jhaer Aeli. Yes, it does mean Lead Elite. That's what I was, before the Collapse. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

You said you wanted everything so we'll start from the beginning. 

I was born to pureblood parents. They were of great import in the Unseelie court. No, they were not the King and Queen, they were loyal subjects from the ruling class though. As I grew up they instilled the ways of the Unseelie in me. Hard. At an early age my dominant personality showed itself. 

When my powers manifested themselves it was quickly obvious that I had the unique power of earth. This could be both offensive and defensive. Of course, I most often chose the former, so the fighting class was well suited for me.

I worked my way up through the fighting class. First as a bodyguard. Then I spent some time as a soldier. I advanced through the ranks until I was invited to serve as one of the royal guards. One particular day stands out in my career. Someone tried to sneak a blade in and assassinate the Queen. Yes, that day. Yes, that was me. After saving the Queen's life I, of course, caught her attention, and was invited into the Elites. Yes, they existed.  I started out on the low rung and worked my way up the ranks again, fulfilling my missions with deadly efficiency. No mission was ever left incomplete. No failures. Soon, I took over as leader of the Elites. Yes, Jhaer Aeli. Lead Elite.