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For thousands of years, Lugh has been the Champion of the Sidhe, protecting all the races of fey and their realm. Until an assassin’s treachery bringing the realm crumbling in on itself. The survivors are scattered throughout modern day Ireland, hunted by vampires, werewolves, and wizards. Now the fey are Fading, and only Lugh holds the secret to restore their realm and their magic. A quest that will drive the Shining One into the darkest depths of magic, where the one thing that could save his life will destroy his soul.

Note: Champion of the Sidhe is one of three companion series that comprises Season One of The Sidhe. These three storylines take place concurrently, and have cross-overs and interweaving storyline threads that closely bind the three mini-series. The Touched mini-series takes place from London’s point of view. The Rise of the Unseelie follows Donovan (aka Jhaer) and the earthborns. All three series are also presented together in the Season One collections.

The Champion of the Sidhe mini-series collection, containing all five episodes, 

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Champion of the Sidhe - Collection (Champion of the Sidhe, #0)

 The episodes in the Champion of the Sidhe series: