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(From an interview with Rico)

I’m not interested in what you think of me. I’ve got my own business to handle and it doesn’t involve impressing you. The Sidhe don’t bother with the moral complications of the lesser beings. We are not at the top of the food chain because we eat everything beneath us, but because we are the most elegant and magical of all beings. Magic at its most perfect.

The lesser fey know their place. They should. The elves of the wood know what I am. They obey me not because I protect them. In fact they would lay their lives down for me. As it should be. It doesn’t normally come to that. I won’t have my kingdom among them very long if I squandered my resources. Not many threats get past my magic.

Someone has been picking off my elves. MY elves. You mess with what’s mine, you die. It’s that simple.

My business usually only involves the fey. Vampires on occasion prove useful and their price is easy to pay. When blood is the currency, fey have the natural advantage of producing the premium stock. Nothing trumps Sidhe blood for pure erotic indulgence. The addictive qualities of our blood and magic keep the smart vamps in line. The ones that go bestial from the cravings are easy enough to put down.

Humans are but an annoyance. Truly the bottom of the chain. If there were not so many of them I would hardly bother to notice them. Their technology is both a help and a hindrance. I’ll use it if it makes my life easier. Unfortunately, what they lack in magic they make up for in clever devices and brutal tenacity. The humans who covet magic stop at nothing to steal from the fey what they were never meant to possess.